Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have been sound-tripping in You Tube for a week now, hahaha, I don't know why but I am in my emo mode, I even halt all Korean-entertainment-related activities, I think, I'm digressing again *grins*.

Here's another discovery of yours truly, I think it has been around for a hundred years (kidding) but I just found it in YT, so here goes. I so love this song, I want a Joongbo MV, I wish I know how to make one :)

I Didn’t Mean to Make You Mine

Don’t give me a second chance
It I’ll be the same
You will be the consequence
And I will have the pain
You are something else
I have to survive
That is why I say
With tears in my eyes

I wish I never opened up my heart
I didn’t mean to love you baby
I wish I never let it get this far
I didn’t mean to love you baby
If I could have a single wish
I’d turn back time
I didn’t mean to make you
I didn’t mean to make you

Don’t look at me like I’m mad
I thought you would know
I was getting way too sad
It was gonna show
There was no way I could hide
I could hide the truth
So I took the risk
And fell for you

I wish I never opened up my heart
I didn’t mean to love you baby
I wish I never let it get this far
I didn’t mean to love you baby
If I could have a single wish
I’d turn back time
I didn’t mean to make you
I didn’t mean to make you

I didn’t mean to make you hold me
I didn’t mean to get so lonely
I didn’t mean to say all this to you
I didn’t mean to make you need me
I didn’t mean to love you like I do
Look at what we’ve put us through

I wish I never opened up my heart
I didn’t mean to love you baby
I wish I never let it get this far
I didn’t mean to love you baby
If I could have a single wish
I’d turn back time
I didn’t mean to make you
I didn’t mean to make you

My sister-in-law and her husband decided to dwell in the realms of property renting and leasing, they are currently building, not them exactly but the contractors that they hire *grins*, apartment units in one of the lots that my hubby's family own, I think sis-in-law and her husband paid or will pay for it in a cheaper price and I think her parents and siblings supports her move, anything that can help them financially and something she can be busy about.

She called me a few days ago, asking me about light fixture showroom as electrical wiring will soon be install and she wants all the necessary stuff be ready. She's kinda hoping to use a modern-kinds of lighting in the apartment units, so as to make it hip and trendy. But, as usual money is the key point, she wants it pretty and nice but not that expensive, rental fees should be affordable to the masses after all, and investing so much money on the units would mean higher rent and longer return of investments. I told her that I'll ask around, the lights used in our house were picked up from catalogs and canvassed from all over until the contractor found the best price, maybe, she should do the same. I should have think of that sooner...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Candies Galore

We didn't have much of a celebration last Halloween but we did give out some candies to the kids, we put the candies (photo below) in a pumpkin-inspired bucket from KFC *lol*, we put it atop the counter and let the kids and kids at heart get all the candies they want. We bought a pack of those colorful candies in Divisoria for more or less 300php, I think it's more than a thousand in number, a good buy, if you'll ask me.

I was not that inspired to decorate so the shop was completely bare, up to now no signs of the coming season can be feel here. *Sigh* maybe a a week or two more, I'm still not in the mood :(

Here's a little trivia for everyone, did you know that yours truly used to work as a financial manager in one of the pre-need companies here in our country. I was recruited by a college friend as an underwriter first as I was still working as an editorial assistant in one of the women's magazine here but when I resigned from work, the company offered me a regular job, I thought about it for a while and decided to have it a go as the place of work (branch) is not that far from our house, less stress on my part. It was a fun work while it lasted but as it was a cutthroat business, you have to have the stomach to push your team to their limits, to fire people at will and to scold them about the tiniest details. I've never been a people person so to deal with a lot of staff who handles the real hard part of the work was just too much for a person whose self-esteem is just knee-high like me. I resigned after several months though my manager begged me not to, I even lied about being sick so she'll let me go *grins*. Actually, what really got me to give it all up was the series of resignations the people I worked with did, it was like loosing the very foundation of me being there, loosing friends at work is never an easy thing and I crumpled.

I remember that one of the company's more lenient measure is the Life Insurance No Medical Exam thingy, it's a good deal for almost everyone as the hassle of going through a series of medical examinations is void and if you are really sick, the chance of getting an insurance is slim but with the no medical exam policy, all that one has to do is to survive a year and the life insurance is considered okay. It's risky but for some it is worth the risk.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Treasure Hunt

We celebrated the computer shop's one-year anniversary last August, imagine, it's been a year already *grins*. Aside from the usual giveaways to our loyal clienteles, we also had a small treasure hunt game. We hid small pieces of paper tucked in small yellow straws and let the kids and teens look all over the shop, inside and outside aside from the counter and PC's, it was a riot. Photo below were the prizes of the game :)

I wasn't able to take pictures of the giveaways, I kinda forgot, anyway, we just gave personalized mugs and face towels that we ordered in Divisoria :)

We visited an aunt's house in Pampanga, it's actually an ancestral house owned by her husband's family, her hubby is an only son, so, the moment his mom died, the whole custody and ownership of the house and properties therein was transferred to them. It was an awesome place, as in there are antiques galore and the house, itself, is a history on its own. The materials used in its construction would cost like millions today, if such materials still exist, and the house's design is like that of castles or those century-old houses in other countries, there are hidden passages and doors everywhere, I was shocked and scared to found out that such a house really exist. I was in the dirty kitchen once and I saw a door behind the prep table, I walked in, went down a staircase and I found myself in the underground room, I was frightened to death, I saw two doors, I chose the one nearest to me without thinking and voila, I was in the garden, I ran my ass off back to where everyone was. My aunt told me that if I opted for the other door, I'll be out in the highway *lol*, and that made more scared.

Aside from that little misadventure, the whole outing was a blast, I fell in love with their grandfather clock and now I really, really fancy one for our house. Now, a Howard Miller clock is in my list of to buys when I get rich. When do you think I will be?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

After The End

I've been leaving under a big boulder, I've been finally hit by that thought, curious as to why? Imagine me, finding out about KC Concepcion's song, After The End, just now... aw! Whatever, this is me falling in love with a song *lol*.

by: KC Concepcion

Even though I try
Not to think of you
Every now and then
I admit, I do
And I know
That were gonna meet again
And I wonder how
You will treat me then

And will it be awkward
Or what will I say
Coz we haven't spoken
Since that day

Will you look the same
Will I reconize
That amazing glint
That was in you eyes
Will you show that I'm upset
Will say that I'm not over yet
Will you make some lame excuse to go
Will you say you've got to run to catch a bus
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

Will i want to cry when we finally meet
Will we meet by chance on a crowded street
Will i fall again for your magic charm
Will you have a new girl on your arm

Will you act like you don't know who I am
Will you shake my hand like a business man
Will you smile and say hello
Like we used to smile not long ago
Will you ask me what's been going on
What kind of shallow topics will we discuss
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

Or will i be stronger
Then i knew i could be
Will i be the one
Who's Surprised by me

Will i be alright
Will i be just fine
Or will i've healed this heart of mine
Will i show that i moved on
Will you see the sadness is all gone
Will you be the one in pain
Will i be the one who's feeling fabulous
When we'll see each other
After the end
When we'll see each other
After the end of us

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Seriously, don't you ever wish that our lives as human beings are like that of a computer? Don't you ever wish that life can be reset, reboot, or restart? Like if something bad or something that is not to your liking ever happen, you can just start all over again, without fear of any repercussions or consequences. You may have to start with nothing but at least, it's a fresh start, right?

Don't you ever wish that you can be reformat like a bloody computer? Like if you made a mess of your life, or you did a wrong turn and ultimately get fed up and fail, that you can just be reformatted and voila, your good as new. No pains, no regrets, no anger, nothing, it's like having a new heart and new brain, where you'll just begin with creating memories and trudge on life with a new outlook. Wouldn't that be great?

If those choices never crossed your minds, how about a system restore option, have you ever thought of such? I would love to have a system restore option in my body so I can just pick a specific date and I can go back and my life's troubles will all be erase as if it hadn't existed at all. Like if I waste all my money on something unimportant and thought better of it later, I can just system restore myself and pronto, I'm okay. Hahaha, can I be more childish...

But, seriously, there were/are times when I wish I had options like a computer, my life will surely be easier *grins*.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Try Pasta

I was absent from the blogging world for almost two weeks, I think, because my recent vice had resurfaced *lol*, my addiction to K-drama, so I spent every waking hour of my life watching for two weeks, non-stop and I mean it. One that made a mark is Pasta, and I chose from at least a dozen series so it kinda tells you that it is good, right?

Pasta is a K-drama aired in MBC last January to March 2010 every Mondays and Tuesdays, it has a total of 20 episodes and stars Kong Hyon Jin, Lee Sun Gyun, Lee Ha Nui, Alex of Classiquai, No Min Woo, among others. According to our friend, Wiki, Pasta covers the dreams and success of a young woman who aspires to become an elite chef at La Sfera restaurant. Seo Yoo Kyung started her career as a kitchen assistant at La Sfera restaurant for 3 years. Her dream is to become an Italian cuisine chef. She eventually works her way up to become a chef. One day, the La Sfera restaurant newly hires Choi Hyun-wook, a chef who went to culinary school in Italy. Upon his arrival, the female chefs are fired one by one and Yoo-Kyung finds herself to be the last woman standing. She's fired several times but comes up with ways to be rehired by Choi Hyun-wook. Eventually she's rehired permanently when she wins a blind taste contest. The newly hired president, Kim San hires his friend and celebrity chef Sae-young as a co-head chef to work with Hyun-wook. It turns out that Sae-young and Hyun-wook used to date each other when they were both studying at the Italian culinary school. But they broke up after Sae-young sabotaged his wine by boiling it to win a cooking contest. They turn into rivals and try to outdo each other in making the finest Italian cuisine. Working alongside two celebrity chefs, Yoo-kyung feels small and insignificant. She gradually develops feelings for the charismatic Hyun-wook. However, restaurant owner Kim San begins to become attracted to the spunky Yoo-Kyung and the relationships between them become fraught with complexities.

Don't be alarmed by what you just read, trust me, it is a must watch if you have an inkling to Korean or any Asian dramas, it will make you laugh and all-tingly. The storyline will feed you with sweetness and love without any sexual connotation and you'll still feel giddy. I didn't slept for two days to finish it, and it is very much worth it.

It's December

I was feeling a bit down, every year, as oppose to most people, I do feel down when the ber months approaches, I'm a schizo like that *lol*. Anyway, a week ago, I was left at home, as usual, while my husband and son were doing their own thing and as I was staring at the abyss *grins*, it kinda dawned on me that I so want to refurbish our living room and bedroom, if only I have files and stocks of gold bars, I would so go for it *lol*.

But, I can dream can't I? If I'll be given a chance to redecorate our house, I'm thinking of doing a Western theme, I reckon that it would be nice. I could totally imagine our living room deck with western decor, add my whole family in the picture, hanging out and having fun, and it's a perfect scenario. While rustic bedroom furniture will make this dull of a bedroom, a special and bright one and I bet all our visitors will be starstruck, I can so imagine it, whew.

Why aren't I born with a golden spoon in my mouth, if I was, everything that will ever cross my mind can be done in a whim *lol*, I am so immature, okay, okay, even a silver spoon will do *grins*.

Do you know that a certain person born in the name of Lee Dae Hee exist? If you're not into Korean entertainment, I guess you wouldn't, so for the benefit of everyone let me give a very, very small introduction. Lee Dae Hee is a Korean actress who rose to fame on 2005 because of the hit series My Girl, aside from that she also starred in other dramas like Green Rose, a Pinoy remake will be shown on ABS-CBN soon, and My Fair Lady which was Tagalized and shown in GMA, as of the moment she can be seen in the K-drama East of Eden, currently airing in the latter station. Now, that you have a background, here's the real deal, she kinda made a mess in a Korean variety show a while back and the vid of her doing so just popped up in You Tube which made the blood pressure of most Pinoy rise. I was looking for the two earlier vids but KBS (a Korean channel) already had it deleted due to copyright infringement, it would have been a better exhibit/evidence as the thousands of comments will prove my point the easiest way, as it is, I have no choice but to use the recent one, which you can see below -

A few days after the vid circulated on YT and reposted on blogs, FB, Twitter and other social networking sites and thousands of mad comments and angry individuals, she posted a very long apology, err, excuse on her Twitter - the apology and the Twitter account, mob her if you want, lawl (slang of lol). That same day, an online entertainment portal in their country posted an article about her apology and her so-called imitation of Filipino teachers' accent, which instantly became one of the most commented article and it still is up to now.

Now, on to another point, personally, I was really affected when I saw the vid, it's insulting without me understanding it in full but it was way more insulting and, heck, it froze my brain in madness, when i found out that they were actually playing on our teachers accent. I am no teacher, but hell, if my teacher is as they pictured them to be, then basically, they are saying that I am like so, too, right? And it effin' angered me more when everyone in the Tv program laughed their hearts out as if it was the funniest thing ever, and what's with the excellent tag, seriously, "katalinuhan kayo?" And then, came the apology which should be coined as an excuse because that was what it is, Lee Dae Hee just put the blame on someone else's shoulder instead of admitting her fault, and I swear, everyone in that program should ask for an apology, too. But, something that I cannot comprehend were the other Pinoys who didn't/doesn't seem to be affected at all, they took it as a joke and suggest that everyone should too, WTH? Are you even my countrymen, lol, I'm being too nasty, sorry.

Phew, water under the bridge, but I can still see my reflection on the water, so it ain't over yet.

Most, if not all, of this blog's visitors know that I am currently into K-Pop and fan-girling, it's just a generic term but I am not really into the whole deal, I just adore a few Korean artists. One of them, I rigorously follow on Twitter, and a few weeks ago, she tweeted a photo of a new German-brand RV which she used together with her friends in one of their road trips in Seoul. The vehicle looks really comfy and luxurious, it's very pretty, too, I bet it's worth millions. I don't understand Hangul much so it was kinda unclear whether she bought or rented it, it could, also, be a gift as her birthday was approaching at that time, but one thing is for sure, I fell in love with that RV. If I only have the money to splurge on a luxury vehicle such as, I would surely go and look for rvs for sale and seal a deal as soon as I can. Imagine a car that has all the space and necessities that you need, a car that may work as a house and a car that will make any travel time enjoyable and relaxing, who wouldn't want a thing like that? I don't go out much as I am a self-proclaimed couch potato and a homebody but just thought of owning an RV is enough to make me giddy. How I wish for wishes to come true *grins*.

Seriously, I really, really want one for my family, should I put my fate/faith in the lottery and wait for my chance or should I work and save like a madman until I have at least a quarter of the amount of an RV's actual cost. What to do?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My girl crush, Hwangbo Hye Jung, a Korean singer, recently had her comeback and as I am a fangirl, I just want the world to hear her song and see her music video, lol, as if the world reads and visits my blog. Don't mind my rambling, just click play and be mesmerize.


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