Thursday, September 30, 2010

Me Today

Okay, it has been five days since we lost our internet connection, and I'm dying of boredom here. I've been calling phone and internet provider's hotline every hour of everyday but it's either I can't connect or I was told that it'll be settled in 24-48 hours, at the moment, it has been 115 hours already, I wonder how the people in PLDT look and compute the time, I'm thinking of lightyears, but then, I won't live to see it. Hmm, ain't it curious?

Friday - I was disconnected from the world wide web at 5pm (or almost), after trying to reconnect for a hundred times, I finally give up and let my router rest. I gave myself fifteen minutes of rage-ranting against my service provider, when I was done, I decided on re-watching We Got Married, JoongBo cuts, hahaha. The television set is cajoling me to come but I didn't succumb on my first day. My family and I had dinner and went to bed early, I think, that is the only benefit of not having wi-fi in the house, hehe.

Saturday - No classes, so I get to stay in bed longer. I rested my sleep-deprived body until I feel bloated, hehe. I spend the day watching TV, yes, I embraced my faith as soon as the second day came, I am weak like that, hehe. My son and I had a cartoon marathon, from Nick Jr. to anime, name it, we watched it.

Sunday - We (the three of us) were supposed to spend the day with my in laws but as I am me, I decided to stay at home, I was and still am not in the mood to mingles and socialize though it's just a few people, I am weird like that. So, I spend the whole day playing Plants vs. Zombies, I finished the first set and I am in the mid of my second, I got all the 20 trophies in mini games, I'm on my last at puzzle and two more to go before I nail survival; my Zen garden is also a success, my regular and rare flowers and plants are growing up fine and I was able to purchased everything that Crazy Dave can offer. Haaa, if my internet connection is not back in a few more days, you might see an early retirement for crazy Dave, I'm gonna sub in, hahaha.

Monday - This is the day that I was really, really hopeful... I mean, it's a working day and it had been days since our connection was cut but all I got was more frustration. Aaah, I hate PLDT!!! To while away time, I was hell bent on making a no-bake dessert but I found out too late that I lack certain ingredients, so I spent my day, sulking and cursing PLDT some more, hahaha.

Tuesday - Today, I am still hoping, it's just 12 in the afternoon so I still have five more hours before the technicians and other staff of PLDT go home. I hope to get good results today, oh please, let my internet be reconnect today *begging for mercy*. I'm really running out of stuff to keep me sane... I'm off to watch Eat Bulaga, I haven't done this in a while. I'm off to bed, still no internet for me :(

Wednesday - My sixth day in oblivion, yes this is what oblivion is for me... I effin' hate PLDT, you just don't know how much. I had already used up a week's amout of sleep that I'm used to out of nothing else to do. Well, I can do other stuff but as I am lazy and I don't wanna get up, sleeping, watching TV and reading e-books are the only options I have. Did I mention I effin' hate PLDT?

Thursday - Finally, at 2:30pm, after a hundred or so phone calls to their customer support and six days of waiting, my internet connection is back. May I say hurray!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Staying home alone in mid-September has it perks, I can sleep anytime I want to, I can play with my favorite online and LAN games anytime I want to, I can eat whenever I please to, I can even not take a bath for days and no one will bother me, at all... but sometimes, its just too darn lonely. It's almost eleven in the morning and here I am sprawled on my bed, doing nothing, looking around day dreaming and thinking of the obvious, I am so poor. It's not that we are miserly, well I have been feeling miserly for a while now, but it is just me and I'm just molded too brittle *sigh*, we're actually okay in normal Filipino standard of living but like other normal humans, I still crave for more. I want some Contemporary Furniture instead of what we have at the moment, they're still okay but as I've mentioned, I want more, much more *lol*. Wouldn't it be great if all the citizens of a country have the same amount of money and properties, as in equally distributed to everyone, no one needs to be super poor and no one should be uber rich, that way everyone in this earth will be happy. If only I have the power to change how the world works... but then i don't...

Living in equality, haven't our forefathers dreamt enough?

"Shh! You're the only one who doesn't know, the confession that shakes the heart of my youth..."

Yes, you read the title right, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is my new-found love, amongst other new K-dramas which I will tackle some other time, yes I'll do it in order of my preference *lol*.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a currently-airing drama in Korean channel KBS2, it is based on the best seller novels - The Lives of SungKyunKwan Confucian Scholars 1&2 of Jung Eun Gweol. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a Chosun Dynasty youth story that deals with the love,friendship and passion of a quartet on SungKyunKwan college.

When her younger brother falls ill, Kim Yoon Hee enters the school in his place disguised as a boy in her desperation to find a way to support him, and becomes friends with Lee Sun Joon, a perfectionist who is also the brains of the gang, playboy Goo Yong Ha and the rebellious Moon Jae Shin.

I am so in love with this drama at the moment, I'm pulling the days close so as to watch another episode, it is shown Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm KST, but I get to watch it the day after per episode in Viikii, as I don't understand Hangul, I need to patiently wait for the English subbed version.

Oh yeah, the lead character is Mickey Yoochun of DBSK, and he spells love *fangirly grins*!

You all know that we have a small computer shop and now that the holiday season is near, just like other entrepreneurs, we are also wondering what to give as gifts and giveaways to our loyal patrons and clients. Last year, we gave away personalized mugs to our valued clients and face towels to the less loyal ones. This year we're thinking of promotional calendars, we don't plan to have separate gifts anymore as it created some misunderstandings back then and as calendars are normally given on holidays, we may opt to just go with the flow. Promotional calendars are pretty nifty, first it doesn't cost that much to print and almost everyone uses a calendar plus we can let our little shop be known to everyone without spending extra money or putting in lots of effort, who doesn't need promotions nowadays when the economy is on a slump, right? Now, we just need to think of a theme or layout to use, it has to be something colorful and vibrant to catch the eye of the youth. We still have two months to finalize our project and I do hope it turns out perfect. I just wanna start our year in the right track, I really, really need that!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In an effort to let my addiction be known further and as it is my blog, I think no one will hinder me from doing so, I wanna introduce you peeps to We Got Married. I'll even include a Wikipedia link and a Mysoju link, the first, to make you understand it further, the second, just in case, you wanna watch it. Oh yeah, the vids in mysoju are whole episodes, and I only watch JoongBo cuts, so don't bother asking me questions about the other couples, okay. Photo below is my beloved JoongBo *grins*.

There used to be lots of their English subbed cuts in You Tube but as Korean channels are now sweeping YT by storm, you'll find it hard to find high quality clips now, even music videos about them are wiped out *sad face*. But us, addicts, have downloaded our own copy and if you ever find the need to DL your own, just leave me a note and I'll give you the link immediately. I'm pro-sharing...

I have been away for so long, I'm barely managing to get back, not that I'm complaining, I did all these so I have to work out and work on it. I have been gone for half a year, if I went abroad to work, I would have earned a decent amount by now, aah, I hate what I had done and what I had become, now my troubles are tripled than what I originally have. Procrastination and cowardice are such strong stuff, it can really ruin an idiot like me, phew.

Anyhow, seems like many things have change in the blogosphere while I'm gone, I'm trying to re-acquaint myself with it but I guess, it'll take time. I was already writing Business Articles before I went into hiding, now I don't even know how to start an interesting post properly. If I had just stayed and work with my emotions, I wouldn't be in this position right now, aah, regrets and its poison. Oh well, it's better late than never and I think, finally, realizing my mistakes will make me a better person. I guess, I had to go through that and this to evolve into something better, I can be classify as a human soon *grins*.

Life is never easy, but who wants it easy anyway... :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now that I've said my piece, I guess getting back on track will be a little easier :)

Aside from accepting and atoning for my sins, I also accepted my fate, I am in it too deep already to be able to uproot myself. Yeah, I am a certified semi-K entertainment fanatic, I'm not proud of what I had become but I can't run away from it anymore so I might as well get on with my life with just an extra baggage this time *grins*.

It started with me living in my own world thus watching Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas became a habit of sorts, a habit that is now too deep, I can't wash it off my system anymore. With my addiction with K-dramas, I was introduced to We Got Married, a reality TV show that revolves around pairs of K-artists that are put together to become a fake couple, a reel husband and wife. The pairings might be fake and kinda random, well, I think not, coz they had undergone numerous interviews to find their perfect match, but it is not scripted. I believe that as it is a reality show, scripts are not really given and followed but a certain theme capture what a pair should be thus it is a bit manipulated by the editors and directors. If my mumbling makes you wonder, try to look at it and watch at least an episode, you might like it and get hooked just like me *grins*. Anyway, just like anything in life, one has a favorite, in WGM, mine is the ssangchu couple, also known as JoongBo - the husband is Kim Hyun Joong, the 4D leader of SS501 and the wife is Hwangbo Hye Jung, the leader of the defunct group Chakra and now a solo artist. They are the best couple there is, their transistion from awkwardness to being in love is so, so evident, you'll be numb not to feel the love in the air. Theirs is the tandem to beat, and after two years, no other couple have given such impact as they have. Anyways, if you wanna watch their cuts, try searching in YT, if you can't find one, give me a slap and I'll give you the download link. Okie?

Now that I kinda explain it a bit, I will now proceed to my pimping... as I am a fan and a writer in one, I decided two months ago to give fan fiction writing a chance, hahaha. Well, I'm not that good yet but all of the comments in my fiction blog are positive remarks so I think I have hope *grins*. If you love to read or a little curious, go and give it a visit, just remember to keep your mouth shut and your fingers lock if ever you find what you read not to your liking, hahaha, I don't think I can handle a negative comment just yet. Kidding...

Here, give it a try - The Greenery

If the blogosphere would give me an alias, I think seesaw blogger is appropriate as I tend to show myself and then be gone, I tend to be up in the world and then suddenly be down and lost in space, I have been like this since March 2010, credit that to my inability to cope with time and to handle changes. I am so wrapped up in my bubble world that the minute a drastic change came, I faltered and died. I am that weak, and today, I'm finally accepting that fact... I am who I am and the repercussions of what I had done will not go away just because I decided to hide, hiding are for cowards and I'm tired of being one. I'm starting to realize what I had become, truth is still far away, i'm trying to be brave but I'm not that brave yet to tell the truth and suffer with all my lies, I am facing my truth the way I think I can and I just pray that it will be enough to salvage my life and those that are around me. Yes, I admit, I made my life crazy as I am hell-bent on not going with change, I chose to be stagnant in life which I know now is an impossible feat, its too late in a way but I wanna try still. So, please help me God...

*no spelling or grammar check was made, I just want to get it out of my system :)


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