Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I decided to have a monthly or bi-monthly recommendation post, of what you might ask, well, it's sort of a list of Korean series or movies that I had watched and think highly of or at least worthy of being mentioned and watch by others. You all know by now that I am completely taken by the K-drama and Hallyu phenomenon, right? But I didn't stop there, I am now into, Japanese, Taiwanese and Thai entertainment, it's a challenge watching and reading subs at the same time but I sincerely enjoy every minute of it *smiles*.

For this month (yeah, I'm a little late in realizing what should be done *grins*), I have a few, 3 ongoing Korean series, they all started this month, 1 Taiwanese series, and 1 Korean series that was aired last year, I think it is currently running in ABS-CBN dubbed in Tagalog.

  • The Greatest Love is a 16-episode romance-comedy starring Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won, at the moment, 6 English-subbed episodes are available at MySoju and DramaCrazy (I watched in DramaCrazy, by the way). Synopsis - Ae Jung is a female band member who is already over the hill. When she enters a variety show to pretend marriage with the top star Jin, she gets entangled in a love triangle along with her ex-bandmate Kang Se Ri. Yoon Pil Joo is a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry but meets Ae Jung by chance and falls for her.

  • Lie To Me is 16-episode romance comedy starring Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Wan, as of posting, 5 English subbed episodes are available. Synopsis - Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she's married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager from an affluent family. Their relationship is further complicated when Ki Joon's ex-fiancĂ©e and a close friend of his brother's, Oh Yoon Joo, reappears in his life.

  • Romance Town is a 20-episode romance comedy starring Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon, at the moment, 4 English-subbed episodes are available. Synopsis - The story of domestic help who work for rich households. No Soon Geum is one of these housekeepers; despite the master-maid heirarchy, she's bold, fearless, and unafraid of doing hard work in order to support herself. As a child, Soon Geum had dreamt of living a grand life in a Cinderella story, complete with her own white knight, but that dream had faded as reality took over. However, she reaches a turning point in her life when she is hired as a maid for the rich and handsome Kang Gun Woo.

  • Love You or Drunken To Love You is a romance comedy from Taiwan starring Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang, at of today, 6 English-subbed episodes are available. Synopsis - Two dejected and really drunk people woke up the next morning to find themselves married to each another.

  • I Am Legend aired August of last year, it is a 16-episode romance-musical starring Kim Jung Eun and Lee Joon Hyuk. Synopsis - Jun Seol starts a band to get her life back on track. She recently divorced her husband after realizing that she deserved to be treated better by her husband's family. Her band mates are also 'ahjummas' who also have personal problems of their own.

All five can be found at My Soju and Drama Crazy. Enjoy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Goodbye Mister

I was browsing around this blog, looking at my past entries, I wouldn't say I was shock at how this blog transformed over the couple of years that it has been around but I wasn't able to control the giggles and smirks, the raised eyebrows and quirk of my lips, I am such a random person and I tend to leap from one topic to another. But in the years that I am blogging about my life, I never once mentioned what type of family I was born in, don't hold your breath as I am not going to begin now but I guess a little information won't hurt, and for my online friends to understand what this post is really about, I guess, a little background on my family is but necessary.

My grandfather is a businessman, a pure-blooded Chinese from Shanghai, China, he met my grandmother through his cousin who also married a Filipina. His cousin migrated here in the Philippines prior to him thus giving the first an opportunity to build a business, make connections and meet the sister of my grandma. My grandfather (Angkong) first started as a business partner of his cousin right until he decided on venturing to new things, granny didn't hesitate to give angkong a chance in love as his cousin (Papa Kia), who became her brother-in-law was a good man and I guess, magaling manuyo si angkong, hehe. Granny gave birth to my nanay and they were living happily until the booming mining business down south caught the interest of my grandpa, he asked my grandma to moved but she didn't oblige and I guess, other complications arose as their marriage crumble, they went their separate ways with my mom staying with granny. You think the story is over by then right, but no, granny found out that she was pregnant with their second child and, blame it to pride and heartache, she decided on keeping it a secret to her husband. Now, have you watch the movie Mano Po 2, I don't know how the scriptwriter wrote a story as similar as such to my family's, but it is exactly how it is in our real life. I'll leave the rest of the story in black, a little secrecy is but needed in life noh *grins*.

Two weeks ago, angkong passed away, we never did meet personally but I knew about him and he knew about me, my mom is just too strong-willed and tainted to accept him with open arms and build a relationship with him. However I looked at it, we're still related by blood, family and though we can never claim to love each other, I would have like to send him away.

I dreamt of him, his own way of saying goodbye I guess, this is my way - Goodbye Mister, Godspeed...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My omma and I had another misunderstanding a few days ago *sigh*, we've been sparring partners since the minute I learned how to think for myself, my estimate is at around 5 years old *grins*. Don't fear, we love each other dearly, we're just two strong-willed, stubborn and principled persons that tend to go head to head about things. It's just that sometimes, our little bouts tends to escalates to higher grounds, hahaha, like an extreme test of patience and respect. But I am proud to say that in the several decades that we're on each others throat, we haven't done anything that made us guilty to the nth degree, of course, having a battle of will with one's parents will always be considered as bad, I hurt her, she hurt me, emotionally and psychologically, but in our case, it just couldn't be prevented, we're just too alike to back away from each other.

A few days ago, we had a go again, the topic, responsibility and beyond *lol*, she just woke up and thought that a Saturday morning was a good time to get irritated and she did, she irritated herself and dragged me on the process, so there I was, ready to pull all my hair out on a supposed to be a bright weekend. So, to prevent any further damage, I went out and find a place where I can chill and cool my head, and the nearest place I could find without sweating myself to death was Mercury Drug Store. I went in without any thoughts of buying anything but staying there without grocery shopping will mean a suspicious me, right? So, I had no choice but to pick random stuff and waste my hard-earned money, I didn't mind it at that time but when I spent a good enough time away from my nanay and went home, I immediately regret spending 500 pesos on nothing. If I wasn't the one being bipolar, I would really laugh my ass off *grins*.

*Sigh*, the price of a cool me down these days :D

I wasn't able to visit my own blog for more than a week, I don't even know if people still visit this place, anyway, I started blogging to release emotions and thoughts, so I guess, continuing on that pattern isn't bad at all. But a small part is still reserve for my friends and audiences, the two or three persons that they are *smiles*.

I was busy school hunting, when I found the right school, I got busy going along with my kid as he took his admission exams, we got it in one hit, so less stress and spending on our part, after that, I got busy taking care of the documents he needed for transfer and last, his enrollment. So please don't hate me for being MIA because I was busy being a dedicated mother *grins*.

Now that school stuff is over and done, I need to grant his wishes of going places and doing things, but with scorching summer heat, can you blame me if I'm having second thoughts.

How about you peeps, how's life been treating you? Kwento naman kayo!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I was looking around the world wide web, doing some random reading, as my habit, when I chanced upon an article about Twitter Addiction, and what do you know, I was tweeting my life away when I found this, hahaha.

While it is true that twitter is a great social application, some tech geeks find a general weakness for it which often ends up to uncontrollable use of the media.

1. Compulsive checking of new tweets, even if you just did it a moment ago

2. Tweeting so often you can’t trace responses to you, which forces you to check your own tweets just to keep up

3. Know your TwitterCounter stats by heart and often checks them for updates

4. Have a profile on every single Twitter Influence, but only frequent the ones that tell you nice things

5. Tweets three times in a row about three different things

6. Gets annoyed when no one responses to a tweet of yours

7. Tweet about your hubby or partner, even if they don’t use Twitter

8. Use hashtags even in normal speech

9. The first thing in your hand as soon as you wake up to continue what you’re reading through whatever @s you picked in your sleep

10. You never let anything go on Twitter, ever.

After thorough thinking, I deduced that I am still sane in terms of my love for twitter, how about you?

Worry not though, the author gave a few tricks to start your rehabilitation right away *grins*.

1. Stop your virtual social life and start surrounding yourself with people who does not use twitter.

2. Take a book and move away from any gadgets.

3. Go out more often.

4. Set a tweet per day quota.

5. Take a weekend off from tweeting.

Tweet, tweet...

No Love Like a Mother's Love
by Jill Lemming

There is no love, like a mother's love,
no stronger bond on earth...
like the precious bond that comes from God,
to a mother, when she gives birth.

A mother's love is forever strong,
never changing for all time...
and when her children need her most,
a mother's love will shine.

God bless these special mothers,
God bless them every one...
for all the tears and heartache,
and for the special work they've done.

When her days on earth are over,
a mother's love lives on...
through many generations,
with God's blessings on each one.

Be thankful for our mothers,
for they love with a higher love...
from the power God has given,
and the strength from up above.

I love you Nanay! I may had not been able to celebrate Mother's Day with you but please know that you are in my heart on that special day and everyday of my life. I pray for your good health and longer life, more happiness and blessings, a time to enjoy and live life. Thank you, from me and my son, we love you dearly!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Days after the royal wedding brouhaha, the deceased Pope John Paul II was beatified, he is now known as the Blessed John Paul. I was one of the millions who watched and followed his beatification, I never claimed to be religious, but I just can't let it pass without being a witness to it, right? It's like one of those special moments that only happens once or twice in a lifetime.

In my case, I think, I witnessed four or more beatification in my lifetime, I remember that of St. Lorenzo Ruiz when I was just a child, that of Blessed Pedro Calungsod on 2000, that of Mother Teresa a few years ago and now of Blessed John Paul II. There might have been more that I am unaware of.

Of the four that I have mentioned two are of my race and ethnicity - St. Lorenzo Ruiz and Blessed Pedro Calungsod, the first one is a Tagalog and the second is a Cebuano.

But as I looked around the net on the topic of beatification, I chanced upon an article about a petition to beatify Felipe Sonsong, another Pinoy, a native of Pampanga, this time. I had no idea, as in totally, but knowing it just makes me swell with pride, don't ask me why, I don't know either, hahaha.

Click for the full article if you're interested, have a good week!

Nah, I'm not pertaining to my own life, though I admit that my life is a drama by itself *lol*.

I was browsing through the net one early morning, I sort of opened the shop up at 7am at that time, yes, laziness took a leave of absence *lol*. And as I usually do, I read some news and current event articles, I happened on an article about a Navy SEAL lieutenant named Michael Murphy who died on combat at Afghanistan in 2005 and now will be honored with a warship under his name. His story is so heartwarming, I wasn't able to hold in the tears. Do read the full article and see it for yourself.

I read news and featured articles everyday, especially those that catch my attention, but I kinda hate dramas in the morning, I much rather have laughter, you see. As I start the day, I want its progress or deterioration be in series, I wanna be happy then be sad, or be happy and be happier later on, I don't like crying and end up crying some more or crying and then not, starting a day with tears just doesn't sound right. So, I am now resisting the urge to read articles that shows even a bit of tendency to touch my heart in the morning, I'll reserve it in the afternoon *grins*.

Lots of drama, lots and lots of drama...

Royal Tribute

Anyone here who doesn't know of the recently-held royal wedding kindly raise your hand? I see, no one eh! Anyone here who didn't watch and witness the event? Hmm, not a hand in the air *smirk*. Then, you would understand if I go straight to the point, right? I mean, what else is there to talk about and explain about the royal wedding, we all know about it na di ba *grins*?

I'm actually writing a piece about the royal wedding not because I love Prince William (but of course I do) but because of an article I read about the subtle tribute the newly-wed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made and did in honor of the late Princess Di. As my favorite lines in the article said - This was particularly true today, as William bit his lip nervously, standing at the altar with his bride, just as his mother did on her wedding day. It was a reminder to the millions of viewers who've watched the prince become a man, he's still his mother's son.

As a mommy myself, I can't help but tear up :)

Pacquiao did it again! Well, did anyone ever doubted that he will rule this match? I just finished watching it, what can I say, Mosley was a big disappointment, as an FB friend said, "he mosley avoided the yellow gloves" *grins*.

I thought round 3 will seal the game over but I guess Mosley will not loose face that easily, he was down for a while before he forced himself up. Round 10 kind of showed an awkward Mosley, I don't know if it's an accident or it was really his intention when he pushed Pacquiao down, which inflamed the Pacman to take the bout a notch higher. The referee even called it as a knockdown though the Pinoy pride contested it. In the end, all of those didn't matter as Manny Pacquiao not only retained his belt but also gave another reason for Pinoys to be proud.

Personally speaking, it was a boring fight, both fighters just danced the match away, Mosley being on the defensive and Pacquiao playing along, most boxing enthusiast will surely have a word or two about it. As for me, as long as we win, I'm fine with it!

Congrats Manny! I just wish you share a percentage of your prize and income to our countrymen. Hearing about your mom's 1-million dollar Hermes bag wish makes me wonder how many hungry can be fed, how many homeless can be sheltered, how many out-of-school-youth can be educated, how many sick can be healed. Just thinking...


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