Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I found two sure-fire ways to loose weight -

  1. Release the emo in you - hahaha, depression and eating doesn't see eye to eye, you have to give up one and as I love wallowing in my misery, I gave up the latter. The result - I am a few pounds lighter, and that is without any effort, no diet or exercise needed. A word of caution though, if ever you plan to try this way to loose weight, your heart may get broken, your tear ducts will suffer and you may aged a little faster *grins*. Tough choice?
  2. Be a Korean TV series addict - this may not be as effective as the first one but it does bring in results *grins*. As I embraced my new found love of Korean dramas, I noticed that I have a massive decrease in food intake as I am always in a hurry to finish my meal, instances of skipping meals is also familiar. Sleeping is now considered a hindrance to finish any specific series, so I only sleep when I can't really go on anymore, a maximum of three hours of sleep is the only requirement. And I am not exaggerating, as of the moment, my longest was a two-day, no sleep marathon with the series Goong (Princess Hours). Through this way, loosing weight is inevitable but the chances of gaining heavy eye bags and wrinkles are also way high *grins*.
You gain some, you loose some, right?



I haven't finish Queen Seon Deok up to now, I'm still waiting for that episode 46 upload, I do not know from who but I really, really wish that it'll be sooner than later. I don't wanna skip that part as it was about Mishil's attempt to go to power through rebellion, pfft, what's the point of watching if I won't see the entire series and miss on the highlight and climax for that matter.

On the other hand, I had watched Princess Hours from start to finish (the entire 24 episodes) for two times already, aside from the fact that I do scroll and watch my favorite events (read: the really kilig ones) in the series for about a dozen times, if that is not addiction, I don't know what is.

I'm in the middle of the Goong S (Prince Hours) story, episode 13 to be precise but I am temporarily shelving that one to give way to Coffee Prince, yes I plan to start the marathon a little later today. Yes, I had watched that series dubbed in Tagalog two years ago but I wanna see it again and no one can stop me. After that, I'll be having my rendezvous with Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers, I'm so excited.



I found out that Joo Ji-hoon just entered military service recently and will be seen again when he comes back after two years *sigh*, buti na lang may mga naiwan syang pictures at series na nakakalat sa internet kundi paano na lang ako, hehe.


Tulog muna ko, maya na lang ulit *waves*.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back Then...

The Winter Olympics had begun a week or two ago (I think) and though winter will never likely happen in the country where I'm from, unless, of course, if the global warming continues *grins*, I can't help but hear and see a few bits and pieces of the event. These past few days, every time I passed by the Yahoo webpage, an article about something or someone from the Winter Olympics is featured, even the people behind Google Doodle had been showing Winter Olypics-inspired logo on their site, so how can I not know, right? Honestly, I know not a thing about winter sports, come on, I'm from the Philippines, all we have is crushed ice and I don't think it can freeze a lake - ever *grins*, but I do know a thing or two about ice skating, not because I tried or experienced it but because of the movie - The Cutting Edge, does it ring a bell, anyone?

I was in high school when I first watched it, one of my classmates had a video rental business and she sometimes brought betamax and VHS tapes for us to rent, another movie that comes to mind is Untamed Heart, sabay yata lumabas or halos magkasabay na lumabas dito sa Pinas yang dalawang movie eh, I think, it's between 1993 and 1994. This was an instant favorite among my peers at that time, I even bought a copy of this film for 250php and during those times, malaking pera na yun noh! Wala lang, I just thought of sharing...

If you're unfamiliar with the movie but curious to know, you can visit IMDB for the sypnosis, cast of characters and more.

Toe pick!


Hello folks! Long time no blogging in this part of the blogosphere eh, sorry about that, me wasn't well *grins*. Anyhow, I am back, I may not be my old jolly self, and more probably getting crazier by the minute, but I think, I am ready to breathe again. One thing I learn of emotional dilemma, crying may not solve problems but it does ease up the pain, a little at a time. (*emo mode off)

Now, onto something better... read the title? see why -

Meet my newest obsession - Joo Ji-hoon

La-la-la-la... (my mind had stop working, I'll talk to you later) *staring blankly at the photos* (I think my pupils are now heart-shaped *lol*).

*** photo credits HanCinema

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm still not my happy old me but I'm not as downtrodden as I was when I wrote my last post, baby steps to recovery, I'm all about that. My cup of problems is still full to the brim, but as hubby told me last night, as long as one is alive there's always a chance to wake up to a better day and I'm willing to wait for mine to come.

Anyways, have I ever mention that before I ventured into blogging, I was a stand-by in multiply, aside from keeping my photo files in there, I also tried my hand in online selling together with a family friend. That was, more or less, four years ago, my son was still a time-hugging toddler at that time and my partner was a full-time university student, and as it was just a new experience for the both of us, we never really think that it will last and it didn't, we stopped even before we reach our first year. A week ago, my (then) business partner left me an email asking me if it is not yet the time for the rebirth of our online store, I'll be a hypocrite if I tell you that I don't have the slightest inkling to re-open, at that time though we didn't focus much on our business, we did manage to do some sales and I reckon that if we can just put in more effort, we can probably make it work this time. I have no concrete decision yet, I need to think this through and through, I don't wanna take in more than I can chew but if and when I do decide to re-open our online store, I would like to try doing it via ecommerce web hosting, I think it is one of the best way to make sure our online business will prosper. We may have to input a bigger capital, both for the website and our product line, but in the long run, I think our profit will be greater, and isn't business all about that?

If you're me, what would you do?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life Update

First of, I am not okay. I think I might be suffering from slight depression *sigh*, I have this urge to cry every five minutes without any reason to, if that is not depression, my nearest guess is I'm nearing bedlam *sigh*. I've been wanting to free my mind and write a blog post but I just can't gather the strength to do so, I think, I am a little better today as I can point and press on the keypad again. I am too young to be undergoing menopause, so what could it be? I know, actually, I feel it in my heart that I have a problem because I have been acting strangely, per written in my history, I act this way everytime I am bothered, but for the love of God, I can't pinpoint what is the source of my heartache *sigh*. I am not saying that my life is a straight and narrow path, of course I have problems, if you'll think about it, I have lots but I don't think those are enough to make me this sad and worthless *sigh*, what could my problem be?

Anyways, we didn't celebrate the Chinese New Year as we planned, neither did with the Valentines, an uncle (my mom's cousin) passed away and we had to attend the funeral and internment last Saturday and Sunday. Life doesn't always work out as you plan, does it?

I am currently hook on a Korean TV series, Queen Seon Deok, I first saw it in a local channel dubbed in Tagalog of course, it started on the primetime slot in channel 7 last January but as I can't wait for the next events to unfold, I am watching it in You Tube every midnight till morn for five consecutive days now, I can't sleep anyways so what better way to spend sleepless nights. My thoughts on the show will be up when I am in the mood to tell, gloomy people tend to be silent and hollow *sigh*.

I need to pay our PhilHealth account but I am too unconcern to do so *sigh*, I hope hubby can do it for me this Friday, we're a month late already, no thanks to me.

The comp. shop's router gave in and we were forced to buy a new one though the business is very, very slow. The income doesn't suffice for a new purchase, so we had to take out some money from the business vault *sigh*, everything's going awry.

I have more sentiments, but I think you already get my drift and I am boring you to death, right? Thanks for coming over here and please do comeback when I have something more useful and informative to share. Till then...

I should have entitled this post SIGH, I have seen the word more times than any other *grins* (wow, I cracked a smile, I must be on my way to happiness again).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

This week's topic - The Clown's Meme

1. How old will you be in five years? 37

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? none, I just woke up

3. How tall are you? 5 feet flat

4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? my son's preparatory graduation

5. What’s the last movie you saw? I can't remember, it has been ages since I last went to a moviehouse

6. Who was the last person you called? Monique, hubby's niece

7. Who was the last person to call you? again, Monique

8. What was the last text message you received? I can't remember, I don't use the cellphone unless I'm going out

9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail? I can't remember, I don't usually use that service

10. Do you prefer to call or text? call

11. What were you doing at 12am last night? watching Queen Seon Dok (korean series) in You Tube

12. Are your parents married/separated/divorced? married

13. When is the last time you saw your mom? a while ago

14. What color are your eyes? dark brown

15. What time did you wake up today? 5pm (hahaha, I slept at 8am, I was busy watching)

16. What are you wearing right now? a pair of shorts and a T-shirt

17. What is your favorite christmas song? Christmas in our Hearts

18. Where is your favorite place to be? my room or my son's playroom

19. Where is your least favorite place to be? I can't decide at the moment

20. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Scotland

21. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years? still here, rotting *sigh*

22. Do you tan or burn? I don't know, I don't like the sun much

23. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? monsters by the window

24. What was the last thing that really made you laugh? Bidam of Queen Seon Dok's craziness

25. How many TVs do you have in your house? plenty

26. How big is your bed? queen size

27. Do you have a laptop or desktop computer? yup

29. What color are your sheets? green

30. How many pillows do you sleep with? five

31. What is your favorite season? winter

32. What do you like about Autumn? the placid colors

33. What do you like about winter? snow

Have a Happy Sunday everyone!

Ready for the big day, err, what I mean is are you ready for V day? Or are you one of those peeps who are still undecided on what to give their loved ones? May I suggest, you go ahead and buy that box of Dark Chocolate, aside from chocolates being the core of age-old tradition of gift-giving on Valentines together with a bouquet of red roses, dark chocolates also point straight at your loved ones heart, it won't harm them a bit as it is scientifically proven that dark chocolates like red wine help our system to function better. So, if you'll deduct, chocolates is the way to go this hearts day.

And now that you're ready to have that purchase, why don't you head on to Intentional Chocolate, they have mouthwatering chocolate-line and they are currently holding a drive, wherein all their profits up to Valentines Day will be donated to organizations helping in Haiti relief, so you're like hitting two birds with one stone. You can make that special person, as well as Haitians happy and loved. Isn't that a great deal?

Happy Valentines everyone! May you all have a blast celebrating or not celebrating it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I think I had mentioned several posts ago that my parents were once US migrants, they had been working there since I was two, they even asked me to live with them but as my grandma was still alive at that time, I just can't very well go, I can't leave grandma on her own not after she took care of me for years so I stayed until she passed away. I visited once in a while without the intention of staying for long, I just don't feel the pleasure other people have when they are in a different country, I do love the snow though and the street hotdogs are to die for. Though my parents love it there, I always have this childish idea that they would never stay there forever, but now, I don't think it's so childish anymore and I guess I always knew in my heart that they'll come home to me and they did, when father retired, mother took an early retirement and they went back to where they belong together with my then teenage brother. Anyway, enough digression, last night as I was preparing to watch my current favorite TV series in You Tube, my old college buddy called, she wanted to talk to the olds about the homebuyers tax credits, she and her partner had been renting for years, fearing that their combined salaries can't buy a decent house much more pay the monthly mortgage and she's been in a limbo ever since the housing stimulus took effect as she so wanted to have their own house and finally have the family that she's been craving for but at the same time she's scared to plunge in into something she may not be able to handle and at the moment her clock is ticking as it was just extended up to the 30th of April of the current year. Good thing, mom was still awake, doing some crocheting, so I put her on the speaker phone and told her to ramble away.

As far as I gather, the federal income tax credits for homebuyers was implemented to help in the recession that was at its peak last year which struck real estate to pulp. It was done to help people to acquire their own place or to have a new and more appropriate house if you had a current one already without the burden of heavy taxes, it was done to encourage Americans to invest in real estate and save it from its untimely downfall. The law actually solved more than one problem, when a house is bought and built, a person/family will gain their own abode, one to three persons more will be given a job in construction and the local government can get tens of thousands ($60,000 per $800,000 range, to be exact) in tax, so everybody happy. If you're a first time buyer, you will receive $8,000 in tax credit while $6,500 Tax Credit awaits people who had sold or will sold a property that they had as principal residence in five years, that's a decent amount of savings if you'll ask me. The limit on cost of home purchases is up to $800,000 as long as you have a $125,000 income limit should you be single and $225,000 if you're married. Come to think of it, my mother is right, it is a win-win battle, as of writing, my college bud is preparing the necessary documents to take the plunge, in a few months, she would be a proud owner of a lovely modern house in the suburbs of New Jersey and I can't help but be happy for her.

Not everyone can hear the wisdom from my mom but you can watch the video clip below to know and understand more -

1. Pickles can add spice to most tomato-based dishes.

2. Don't you just love staying at home.

3. The snow is a far away dream, if you don't know yet, I live in a tropical country.

4. Men are polygamous in nature (I hope my husband is one of the exceptions *grins*).

5. It's 5:16 PM; that means I need to hurry up and finish my blogging chores as bonding time with my kiddo is nearing.

6. True and lasting friendships are/is hard to find.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Queen Seon Dok (a Koreanovela), tomorrow my plans include staying in bed until the sun shines and sets and Sunday, I want to do some barbecue-time with the family!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a blast this weekend!

I wasn't able to post anything for Thankful Thursday last week as I was stuck in bed and down with flu, but though I am sick, I was thankful because it gave way to rediscovering my love of Filipino romance pocketbooks, yes, I used to dream of fairy tales and happy ever afters but I guess I grew up and decided to be me *grins*.

For this week, I would like to acknowledge my husband, and it is timely too as V-day is just a few days away, he'll think I'm so sweet *chuckles*. So here goes...

I am thankful for my husband, I believe that the One up there send him my way with my happiness in mind. He completes me, cliche as it may sound, it's the only way I can describe what I feel about him. He complements my strengths, accept my flaws and fill the void of my weaknesses. It feels like, he was really a part of me that was just taken away for the time being and was brought back on that right moment to made me whole again - he excels on stuff that I don't know a thing about, he loves the things that I don't care about, he is the eternal optimist while I'm the super pessimist, I love to talk while he loves to listen, I am focus on academics and his into the technical details, he's the positive and I'm the negative, either way, we need each other to perform well. My husband's all that and more and I am so, so thankful to the Lord for giving him to me.

I am thankful to my husband for choosing me, for taking this life-long cruise with me and for sailing through the storm beside me. Thank you for being you and thank you for loving us the way you do!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I haven't updated for a few days, I renewed our business permit while having the worst scoliosis attack of the decade *sigh*, both of which are time-consuming, grueling and frustrating. I won't dwell on my scoliosis on this post, well aside from stating the obvious, that it is painful and making me grumpier each day, I am a grumpy person by nature so grumpier is a politically correct term *grins*, I'll say no more, on my next post maybe. So, I did renew our business license last Tuesday and Wednesday and I can't believe the volume of people in the city government office doing the same thing, well, not everyone is renewing their business license per se but as the floor cater to more services than one which I didn't bother to memorize and have no intention of enumerating, it was like a smorgasbord of people running around on their heels and gawd, the security officers were miserably failing in crowd control.

On my first day, I went in at nine in the morning, thinking that I'll be ahead of everyone else and I'll be on my way home in a jiffy, afterall, I was just renewing a contract and as far as I know, I had the necessary documents with me, so I painstakingly climbed up to the third floor and I almost fainted to see the crowd of people occupying the waiting seats while others where standing in boredom while waiting for their turn. Imagine, people were lining up as early as nine, we must all have the same thoughts, funny huh? I was there already, I might as well stand in line and wait for my turn, right? Well, I did just that but as the time while away more people came in and the area turned into a cockpit of sorts, there was chaos. I never thought there will come a time that I'll be thankful for barricades but I really felt such a feeling last Tuesday, I swear. I was in line for a few hours, bending my body here and there to lessen my back pain and then it was my turn, I would had been successful on my first day had it not been for a non-working machine, pfft, where do you think they spent the people's taxes if they can't buy more than one documentation machine.

On the next day, I went in a little earlier, I was in the nearby doughnut shop at eight having some light breakfast and was in line half an hour before the scheduled office hour but other people were still there ahead of me, I hate early birds *grins*. Anyway, I was already in the comforts of the stanchion-lined part of the floor when waves of people came in pouring in, I was so thankful I woke up early. To make the long story short, I finished my task in the shortest possible time, I can't say it was fast because I had to wait for almost an hour in my seat just to get my renewed business license as only one personnel was doing his/her job, I even daydreamed of having velvet rope in the waiting area instead of those old metal bars, I would have felt like a movie star while I was in line, wouldn't that be nice?

So anyway, the good news is, I won't have to experience that for another year *grins* and I am back at my humble palace where I am the queen and no falling in lines are necessary.

Monday, February 8, 2010

One of my all-time favorite song, I super-dee-duper love it!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

This week's topic: The Pretentious Blogging Meme

1. How long have you been blogging? Two years this coming March.

2. What made you start? I was inspired by Anton's blog and my bff and I wanted a baby, so we launched A Taste of Both Worlds.

3. Who inspired you? Anton of Our Awesome Planet

4. About how many hours a week would you estimate you spend on your blog? I would die if you take me out of the online world but I don't spend much time blogging, perhaps a little more than 30 hours a week.

5. What kind of experience or background do you have with writing? I used to be a writer for a women's magazine here in the metro.

6. Talk about how you come up with blog topics. Where do you get your ideas? With my other blog, I have a niche to stick to which are travel and food, here on the other hand, it's a smorgasbord of my thoughts.

7. What or who inspires you and your blog? No one in particular, I just blog coz I want to, the extra moolah that I get from it is just an additional perk.

8. Where and/or how do your brainstorming for your blog? Nah, I'm not that serious of a blogger, I have to passed up on this question.

9. Do you have any blogging rules or guidelines you follow? My turf, my words. No to plagiarism!

10. Is there anything you will not blog about? I guess, I won't dare touch or dwell on the taboo...

11. Do you have any sort of a publishing schedule in terms of day of week or topic? Nope, I blog when I want to and when I can.

12. How many drafts of potential blog posts do you have right now? One

13. In what medium do you draft your posts? I do it straight here in Blogger.

14. How often do you completely scratch or delete drafts or blog post ideas? Once in a blue moon, I don't usually do drafts, when I do, it means I'm not really sure if I'll publish it or not.

15. If you had to leave your blog in your will to another blogger, who would you choose? Peachy or Gay or Joan Joyce, any of the three will do, the question is will they take it *grins*.

16. Are there other blogs that you feel are similar to yours in content, style, or voice? Yeah but I won't mention them here, you know...

17. Has anything surprised you since you started blogging? Yup, lots already!

18. What are your goals or plans for your blog going forward? I hope to buy my own domain and well, earn some dollars to support my blogging expenses.

19. Do you make any money from your blog? (optional) about how much a month? I recently decided to monetize my blog through paid blogging but I haven't earned that much, only a few cents here and there.

20. What blogging system do you use? Huh? Are we talking about platforms here? I use Typepad and Blogspot.

21. How did you come up your blog name? Somewhere in my full name you'll find the word queen and I love to sleep, there you go, The Snoring Queen.

22. How many blogs do you have? What was your peak? I have two active blogs and one under construction *chuckles*. What do you mean by peak?

23. Are you having as much fun as when you started? More! The feeling's not that static, blogging is a roller coaster ride and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

24. Where do you find other bloggers like you? Entrecard, Adgitize, Plurk and Facebook

25. What’s your one wish when it comes to blogging? To be a star blogger *lol*, kidding...

*** I decided to do last week's meme though I am super late as it is connected with the present one. Hope it's okay *smiles*.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hello world! I've been out for almost a week, some kinda virus knocked me out and as instructed by the doctor, I did some necessary blogging/working vacay and indulged on that much needed and wanted rest. Hubby was forced to take a leave of absence from work for a week (so he has a few more days to spend with us and do my every bidding *lol*) so he can take care of me and our son, and of course to man the internet cafe. My mom offered to take care of me and my baby, actually, she has been doing that since I and my son was born, so I think 'offer' is not the correct term but as I am still on the mend, let's leave it at that, my mind's not at its most powerful tonight *grins*, but husband, as sweet as he was, decided to part away from his office for a week to take care of us and the business, hands-on. Truth, medyo nahihiya na sya kay nanay and he wants some time off, too kaya lang di nya iyon maamin so when he was faced with the dilemma of me getting sick, he was ever-willing to stay at home. Sssh, that's a secret, wag nyo sabihin kay hubby na iyon ang intellectual deductions ko, okay.

So anyway, I thought I posted an entry for the Music Monday meme last week but when I checked my blog tonight I found out that I clicked save and not post, silly me. I wasn't able to do an entry for Thankful Thursday and it's too late to do it now, haaay, may absent na ko agad just when I promise to do it every week, oh well, life happens! I think, I lost some blogging opportunities, but I had time to read, oh yes, I feign sleep and I read when no one's in the room with me, haha... I think that's one of the reason why it took me longer to recuperate *grins*. I love it still!

I'll try to blog more tomorrow, my husband's eyes are in slits as he forbids me to use the laptop, did you know that I even persuaded him to drop Entrecards and play my FB games for me, hihi, am I a genius or what?

Later folks!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 14, 2010 is not just a Valentine's Day for Filipino-Chinese folks, it's also the incoming of the new year based in the Chinese calendar. But for me, it's more than a double celebration, it is a triple event. First is the Chinese New Year, we celebrate it every year (yup, I have a little Chinese blood in my veins *grins*), this year, it falls on a Sunday, so we'll start the feast and the noises on Saturday night that will continue till the wee hours of the morning. On Sunday per se, I'll kiss my hubby and greet him a Happy Hearts Day, I wonder if he'll give me a bouquet of flowers or he'll surprise me with a dinner (assuming *lol*), and before I forget, I'm currently looking for Valentine's Day ideas for men, so I can surprise hubby with a little something on that day, I know that my love is enough but I want to give him something tangible this year *grins*. And the last, but the most important one in my book, granny's birthday, my grandmother has been gone for seven years now but we still celebrate her birthday every year, true, it's not as big as those of previous years but we still try to be together and be happy on her day, we may never be complete anymore but we know that she's in a better place and she's happily looking down on us. I hope our clan will be complete this year (sans granny, of course, that would be scary), my mom and her siblings had been through rough roads and I know that not everything can be healed and forgotten in time but I hope soon it would be.

So, after the fiesta, another bout of celebrations are coming my way. Wee, I can't wait!

An Update

I spend the better part of my weekend celebrating with my family, there was a special event here in our place, it was the Feast of San Roque (the patron saint of the wounded) which is celebrated every last Saturdays and Sundays of January. There was a parade, as usual, but this year it was a bit grander and longer, even the Philippine Marines participated. No photos yet, as I haven't uploaded the pics that hubby tried to capture, I was too busy yesterday afternoon, too tired yesterday night and too lazy today *lol*. Anyhow, Saturday was spent watching the parade, my son joined in on the parade for the second consecutive year through the school float, we walked and looked around the church area and on the most part of the main road as lines after lines of makeshift stalls were made for the night market, I only get to buy some kalamay (rice cakes) and other province-made goodies like cashew nuts, barquillos, lengua de gato and shing-a-ling and five pieces of pillowcases for a hundred *grins*. Sunday was spent helping my mother in her cooking tasks, she didn't cooked that much as we were not expecting visitors, she just wanted to be prepared in case people surprise us. The later part of yesterday was spent playing games - pabitin, hanapan ng straw, pinoy henyo, hephep hurray and charades, it was the most fun I had since the new year, also, it was an opportunity for son and me to bond, I know I missed out on most of his daily activities because of the computer shop and blogging and for two days he was so happy to have me on his own. The downside, I missed a $20 opps, I know that it'll expire yesterday but I just don't have the heart to leave my family and work in my laptop even for an hour or two, and so I made my choice. No regrets!

Then, there's this HTML problem which I have been obsessing about for four days already, I still haven't found the person who can help me solve my problem, but I swear, I tried looking. Anyway, I asked around and all of those I asked told me that my blog looks okay even though it is not the actual design and template that I want, so I think, I'll let it be for now, until I find my knight in shining armor HTML-wise *grins*.

Happy Monday everyone!


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