Thursday, March 24, 2011

Google often change their banner/logo design from time to time, they do this to celebrate momentous dates and times. Yesterday it was Houdini's 137th birthday, if he was alive *lol*, I am a fan of magic thus I am a fan of Harry Houdini. I watched the movie and read the book, both have his name as title, so I am kind of a little ecstatic to see the banner above. Yeah, yeah, I'm quirky and petty that way :P

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Okay, this is my first time joining an online contest after, like, forever, I just can't resist the explosion of color pink *grins*, it has been calling my name ever since I passed by Pink Thoughts. The contest is dubbed as Pink Fabulous Giveaways, which fits perfectly as all the prizes are in pink, the hostess' blog is entitled Pink Thoughts and she is the mind behind the meme, Pink Fridays.

The contest will run till the end of the month, so if you're a sucker for pink, like me, do hurry up and join now. I'm crossing my fingers...

The Prizes

First Prize – Pink Bratty Bonita Laptop Bag
Second Prize – Pink Mary Kay Blush On and Lipstick
Third Prize – Pink Bag
Forth Prize – Pink Stretchable Blouse
Fifth Prize – Pink Bath Toiletries
Sixth Prize – Pink Sakura Bella Kit

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Batch Project

I think, I have mentioned once that an elementary reunion is in the works for yours truly, I actually found myself in the midst of it all, I don't even know how I was dragged in *grins*. Anyway, aside from the usual reunion, get together and party, we also plan on donating a little something to our primary alma mater, we were contemplating on adding more books for the library, installing wall fans in most, if not all, of the classrooms, feeding program and scholarship for the kids, among others. It is a good agenda and we are, sort of hype up about the whole thing, though, we're not that good on the financial aspect yet, we know that if we bond together, we surely can gather more than enough to have our goal into fruition. If there's a will, there's a way.

The last time we had our meeting, we decided on building a computer lab for the kids, we'll start with at least 10 computers, with a printer, scanner, copying machine and internet connection, we'll provide everything, except for the room, but we are willing to do the necessary renovations. We did an ocular a few days ago, a spare room beside the office of the principal is relegated to be it - the most-wanted computer lab. It is a small room but we can see so much future in it, we're thinking of installing at least two 2HP air-conditioners and Wooden Blinds to block the sunlight during the afternoon. We have a list of to-dos, and we're so pump up to make it happen. Wish us luck!

Tulad ng dati, naiwan na naman tulala ang blog na ito... I've been busy watching the latest drama of Mike He (a Taiwanese actor), entitled Sunny Happiness, it was super nice, so if you're into Asian drama series, do watch it :

Anyway, I've been silent for like almost a week, but now that I'm back, I still don't know what to say, hahaha, oh well, that's me. I have learnt a few things about SM Malls though, ichi-chismis ko na lang yun sa inyo :P

  • Did you know that in every SM branch, one or two branches of Chinabank and Banco de Oro can also be found, it's either Henry Sy is a stockholder or it's a tie in between companies, I'm not really sure but I heard the story behind it - it is said that ChinaBank and Banco de Oro were the first two banks who lent money to Henry Sy when he was just starting his business. Maybe it is his way of paying his indebtedness, maybe it is a business deal, nothing's concrete though, chismax lang yan, hahaha!
  • In all of SM malls, you wouldn't be able to spot a branch of Mercury Drugs, maybe they don't have the money to pay the rent but they do have branches in other malls, so how could that be? The inside scoop, Henry Sy tried to borrow money from the owners of Mercury Drug but they declined his request, so, is it a form of vengeance then, hahaha, I don't know, as I have said, chismax lang yan :P

That's all I know at the moment, till next time, okay?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life is dragging me down, I swear, there is a conspiracy in this universe that aim to make my life miserable, oh yeah, I'm thinking crazy but who can blame me? So, while I am spinning around in real life, I was late in finding out that an online buddy almost loss her home to a fire, according to her, it was less than 5 houses and theirs would have been part of the fire casualties, good thing, the firefighters in their area as well as the other volunteers from Manila stopped the fire before that tragedy happened. She was telling me how scared and frozen she felt, and how all her neighboring friends rushed out to help her and her two children, how her husband who is in the US at the moment was panicking when he found out, and how thankful she is that they are safe, you know what, I am super thankful too.

She lives in a well-to-do village here in the Philippines, I think, some of her relatives and her husband's family also live in the same block. A few of her friends/neighbors, unfortunately, lost their house and most of their belongings to the fire, the others needs major renovation while the lucky ones only need minor rebuilding and redesigning of their houses. Wood floor installers are surely in demand in their vicinity at the moment, and I wish everyone can rebuild more than their houses but more on moving on with their lives. I wish everyone the strength to carry on, shoulders to lean on and the faith to keep on believing and standing up.

God is always merciful.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I was minding my own business, surfing the net and playing Cityville and Gourmet Ranch in Facebook when I chanced upon some hot pics, I bet the atmosphere in that photoshoot was sizzling. Look at the photos below and tell me that I'm exaggerating, I dare you *grins*.

Those pics are said to be part of Mark Nicdao's magazine or coffee table book entitled Vantage, several celebrities posed for him but two of the most daring and buzzed about photos are of Cristine Reyes and Solenn Heussaf. They're both pretty and very daring, but I like Kristine's photo better, the one of Solenn made her look too muscular, but hey, who am I to say anything, I am nowhere near the beauty that is those two.

Men wipe off that drool *lol*...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have been planning on doing this since I came back from hiatus but, you know me, I procrastinate for as long as I can, if I don't, it just doesn't feel right in my book *lol*. I used to have a blog roll with a few elite people on the list *grins* but since I was gone for a long time, most of them, seemed to have followed my lead and vanished, too, while others seemed to have change address and all that, so, I was left with no choice but to defunct the old list and begin with a new one.

That being said, would you like to be on my list? My blog is not that great, I don't attract lots of visitors and readers but I do have a PR2 *smirk* and I'm all for exchange links. I haven't done exchange links yet, in my two years of blogging but there's always a first time, right? Will you make my first time memorable and fun?

Leave me your blog's URL and title, make sure that you add me up in yours (I'll check *grins*) and you'll see your link floating in the sidebar the next time you visit. Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

1. Charlie Sheen is an idiot and will probably end up with his own stupid reality show that will get 40 million viewers the first day and then people will fall asleep and quit watching. What person, celebrity or not, would you watch every eppy of a reality show if they were the center of it all?

I watched Survivors and Amazing Race, from time to time, but both doesn't focus on one individual but on a group of people and they do different challenges every week, so it's kinda exciting to watch.

2. We all pay bills and wish we didn't have to. We all work and wish we could just lay around all day doing nothing. We all have those grown up responsibilities that we wish we could give to an African Elephant. Besides all the things the African Elephant got from you for the day, what is something from your high school years that you miss most of all?

My high school buddies, we sort of drifted away when we went to college and then when we went in and join the work force, we sort of became separated physically, one went to Israel, one went to the US, the other went to Davao while the other got herself pregnant and left us wondering where she is :(

3. Sometimes we want to grow wings and fly. Whats the farthest you've fallen?

Far, in every which way the word may take me. I had fallen in love, had gotten married, had a kid and recently separated. I had fallen from grace, still lying in the mud, trying my best to get up and be someone else again :)

4. There is square bread, wheat bread, circle shaped bread, bread with nuts in it, funny named bread. When you open a bread bag, do you twist it when you are done or put the metal tie thingie back on? (And did you know that if you look at that metal tie thingie, it has a day of the week printed on it?)

I think, it's now a plastic clip thingie, hehe, and there are numbers that signify the best before (product best eaten before the printed date) printed on it. But, as always, I discard the clip the moment I opened the bread bag and twist it close when I'm done :)

5. Some spoiled little brat (hey.. my opinion) called 911 on her teacher because he shook his own desk to get the students attention in the class. (I know, right?) Think back... what clever ways did a teacher of yours use to get the attention of the class or a particular student?

I'm not that young, so my teacher's ways were kind of old school, hitting the board or our desks individually with a stick, shouting and at her worst, throwing chalks at those who didn't give a damn *lol*.

6. Artwork, pictures, notes, appointments. How many magnets are on your refrigerator?

There used to be a lot but when my son started to fiddle with them, they kind of vanished one by one *lol*, I think three remains.

7. Cats are fluffy, dogs are soft, snakes are leathery, fish are wet. What is an animal that you have held or petted that you don't think many people have had the chance?

A tiger, in a zoo, I bottle-fed him with milk :)

8. I'm coming to your house to paint your kitchen. I'm bringing the paint. What color should I not have with me?

Nothing in particular, I think I can deal with any color as long as it blends right :)

9. Snow falls down, sometimes sideways. It still ends up on the ground. If snowflakes came in all different colors, which color snowflake would fall the fastest?

Pink... because many little girls will pray for it, hahaha...

10. We caved... well at least I did. Are you glad Thursday Thunks is back?

Yes I am, though this is my first time to join, I wouldn't been able to if you didn't brought it back. Thanks!

See you next Thursday!

When social networking came into existence, they came in droves but as always, there were/are a few who stands out, Friendster and MySpace during their heydays and now Facebook. Contrary to the olden quote "Money makes the world go round", it's now "Social Netwoks makes the world go round" *grins*, seriously, do you know anyone who doesn't have an account? Anyways, as it conquer and took the world, another way of keeping in touch surfaced, this time it came in small packages - Twitter and Plurk.

I digress, is Twitter turning into a battle arena for people who engage in word war? Shall I list a few examples to prove my point?

  • Kristine Reyes - Sarah Geronimo (though Sarah kept on the silent end)
  • Alessandra de Rossi - Cristy Fermin (though the latter used her program instead)
  • Pauline Luna - Ampalaya Anonymous (various young actresses included)
  • Angelica Panganiban - a deranged Azkal fan
  • Nonito Donaire - Chino Trinidad
  • Manny Pacquiao - 50 Cent (though Pacman is still mum)
I'm a member of both, I sign up for Twitter when I opened my first public blog three-four years ago but I was never active, up until I went gaga over Korean entertainment *lol*, I was a plurker a year or so ago, I used to plurk like crazy, aiming to reached nirvana and that 100 karma points but then, as usual, I grew tired of it, I told you I have short-attention span. At the moment, I tweet when I want to, to get in touch, to rant, to release pent up emotions that nobody will listen for sure, I used to tweet nonsensical stuff, to get attention *lol* but I grew bored and tired of it, too. One thing I am sure though, I haven't used Twitter to fight, to nag or to go into violent and non-discreet discussions, I guess, that's the difference between private and public figures eh.

Is Twitter turning into a battle arena for word war combatants or is it already?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blind No More

I am a delinquent blogger, aren't I? Well, for those who have been with me and this blog for a long time, it's nothing to be bothered about anymore, you all must be prone to my on again-off again way of blogging *grins*, for those, who are new and are wondering, I'm just crazy like this, my attention and dedication span kinda suffers dearly, I only have them in small dosage *lol*.

But this time, I've been productive, I admit, I still spent most of my time lying down in bed daydreaming, or slouching on the couch watching TV and DVD, or the usual reading and net surfing, but I also managed to clean up my closet and room, I kind of abandon cleaning up my son's playroom, it's too complicated and messy for me *grins*, seriously, I loose interest, I'll get back on it when my mojo is back. I put the old vertical blinds back in my room, I took it off when I settled somewhere else but now that I'm back, I'm putting back the pieces that I've lost and took away, figuratively and physically. I boxed the stuff that won't ever fit me anymore, in all sense of the word, and I arrange what was left, I'll just add stuff back as we go along.

That's it, I'm trying to re-arrange my life, in the best-est way I can, wish me luck...

I've been quiet lately huh, well, I've been busy, I was busy being lazy, hahaha. What made me get up and blog, well, my Sunday sucked and since then, my week's going from bad to worse, so yeah, crap made me act up, hahaha. And because I'm not prepared, let's do the random *smirk*.

  • I'm beginning to think Twitter is a word battle arena, hahaha (I'll talk about that in full later, I think I want to write a post about it in detail :))
  • Machete is ending in two weeks, why too short? Is it true that it's a flop in the ratings department? First of, let me state that I watch the program because of Bella Padilla, I like her, for no particular reason, I'm just drawn to her, she's charming and she didn't backed away when Marian Rivera stepped on her, that's a plus point, hahaha. There's no second, I just wrote first of for the heck of it *lol*.
  • Don't you find the bad boy and dirty look of Dingdong Dantes quite charming, I think, I'm falling in love all over again *grins*.
  • Admittedly, I was living under a boulder, but that was before, so when I found out that channel 9 is now under ETC, used to be Solar Sports, aside from being happy and excited, I was feeling a bit down because I realized, I still am not in-sync with the world *sigh*.
  • Who watch Vampire Diaries? Who loves Damon? I do! I do! Hahaha!
  • Have you heard about the drug test brouhaha in Congress and how the whole lot, yes even the one who propose it, snob the deal? Philippines Congress = show offs :P
  • I have a question, what is the number one Philippine channel, I'm kinda confuse. It sort of change depending on the channel I'm tuned in *pouts*.
  • Will Nita Negrita get whiter if she have gluta injected on her system *lol*?
  • Summer is here, I'm beginning to feel the heat but I haven't shed a pound yet, waaaa... it's time to get serious!
See you on my next random ramble :P

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moving Out

A friend is moving to another city and she's currently looking for a storage unit where she can deposit most of her stuff until she's settles down on her new city. She can't bring everything with her the moment she move out as she is still unsure on what will welcome her. She already had a contact with a realtor but nothing's concrete yet, a job is waiting for her but she's still doesn't know what to expect, so she wants to do the moving of stuff as minimal as possible.

I think, the idea of putting her stuff in a unit for safekeeping is a better choice than bringing it all in one go and end up messing everything. She can use Storage Leicester as they are one of the good ones in the industry and they offer a good deal. But it's all up to her, whatever her choice is, I'm all for it. I just wish her the best of everything, may her moving in a new city open up a new world and spells greater success on her life. You know, I love you girl!

First off, let me state that I have relatives and friends who work in other countries, I knew of classmates and schoolmates who are now working as OFWs in different countries all over the world. I have nothing against them and I salute their guts and dedication in working away from their family.

On to my topic, the repatriation of the thousands of OFWs in Libya - as we all know, the country of Libya is under strong political stress because of the people's demand for their president of 40 years to get down from power, it started as a peaceful people power, in a pattern to that of Egypt (but we all knew where people power really hailed from right?), but then, contrary to what the then current president of Egypt did, by the Libyan president's order, the military open fired at anyone who joins and participates in the protests and rallies, provoking its citizens to go on an all out war with its government, thus the problem with the Filipino workers' security came about.

The solution, repatriate everyone, you'd think, it'll be over and done after that, but no, our countrymen just can't take what is given and be thankful. I have nothing against them, I know that they suffered through the whole ordeal but I think, they should give the government, OWWA and DFA, what is due to them. Let's face it, we are not a rich country, so expecting the same actions and in the same span of time from this country what those rice and affluent countries did, is kind of unnecessary and kind of dumb. Can you really compare the Philippines to England and America?

I know it's hard, I know it's scary, but we have to face reality, and as I see it, the government is working their butt off to serve and save everyone, and let's put in mind, that OFWs abound, not just in Libya and they're not the only ones who need help, with limited resources, I think the people in power and positions are doing what they can.

I don't intend on stepping on anyone's toes, I'm just giving my two cents :)

I may have been an absentee blogger but it doesn't mean that I'm not always online because I am, I was just busy writing my fanfics gift to an online friend who belong in the same OTP. Most of my circle of friends in that fandom have their own blogs, to post their wonderful fictions, we have a number of great writers, Filipina writers. Aside from writing and obviously reading various literary works, we also chat almost every night, about life in general. Random stuff, from personal problems to the generic issues of the world, from beauty products to hunky men, some nights, we even dwell on Local search marketing *chuckles*, yup, that's how diverse we are.

Problems flocked me like how a metal does to a magnet, but I'm fighting through it all with the help of my new-found friends, we may be separated by distance and language but we sure are one in heart. It's like finding a new family while keeping your old one, it's like experiencing hanging out and getting to know each other stage of friendship all over again. They are a bunch of happy and bright people, my spirit is tired but they're all helping me out to get going till the finish line.

Happiness means our six-member group. I thank God for all of you!

Ashes and Wine

I'm suffering from LSS and I think, I am addicted to this song :P

Ashes and Wine
A Fine Frenzy

Don't know what to do anymore
I've lost the only love worth fighting for
I'll drown in my tear storming sea,
That would show you, that would make you hurt like me

All the same
I don't want mudslinging games
It's such a shame
To let you walk away

Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?

Don't know if our fate's already sealed
This day's spinning circus on a wheel
I'm ill with the thought of your kiss
Coffee laced intoxicating on her lips

Shut it out
I've got no claim on you now
Not allowed to wear your freedom down

Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?

I'll tear myself away
That is what you need
There is nothing left to say

Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?
The day's still ashes and wine
Or are we ashes?

Friday, March 4, 2011

I have a friend, whom I'm going to see again this coming December, who moved to the Land of Dreams a few months after we graduated in college, you see, she found her Mr. Right through her sister who is working in the States. They've been in contact for two years and months after we graduated, the guy flew in and marry her, and then months after, she followed him back to where they now reside in Beverly Hills, California. She has a Bachelor of Arts diploma but sadly, back then, jobs on that field were scarce so she was forced to work in an elderly residence, she got hooked and decided on taking up another degree, care to guess, yup, you got it right, she took up Nursing. She's a nurse now and she's loving every moment of it.

Everytime I checked her online pics she's always wearing her medical scrubs, like it is her second skin, she's totally into it, I would even go as to say that she's addicted to it. I asked her once and she told me straightforwardly that she loves her job and the uniform that goes with it. It suits her, so I kind of understand why she's loving her occupation that much.

Oh yeah, she even told me that she stalk online scrub stores to look for new designs and stocks, years ago, scrubs were just those green linens made into pants and top, plain, generic and boring but now, it comes in all colors and designs, I heard that it is even available in the lines of those expensive brands. Time has really change and for the likes of my friend it sure is for the better.

We went to a Catholic school in college, we wore a daily uniform except for Fridays, and we were kinda weary of it during those time specially during those hot and humid days, oh how hot those long-sleeves were. But now, my friend is in love with her medical scrub uniform like she would never wear any other kind of clothing anymore. I guess, it's a good thing, her fanaticism with her working clothes sort of tells people that she's loving her job and what she do. You go girl!

I found this viral video in Facebook, it was hella funny so I decided to share it here. Stressed out? Try this...


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